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Your All-In-One Data Driven Solution


Take your local CSV or live Google Sheet and turn it into game data. Populate your structs and actors with information like max health, spawn locations or whatever else you'd like. Change the data in the sheet and update your game in real-time in a secure way,


Edit values in-game then export your in-game data to local CSV or Google Sheets to set the new normal.


Easily make tweaks to your game variables, add new data points, even manage save games - all without having to deploy a patch.


Manipulate Google Sheets From Code


Ever wish you could change properties of your Google Sheets from Unreal Engine?


Or maybe you're just now starting to think about the possibilities.


Add new sheets. Rename or delete old ones.

Get and set spreadsheet properties like locale, time zone, and sheet count.


Convert between JSON and CSV then back again and interface with Runtime DataTable.


Coming Soon

Simple, Local Data Ingression


Sometimes all you really need is something simple.


EasyCSV is a simple CSV reader - load one from file or from string and access any row, column, or cell and get its contents back as a string.